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Walk4Justice 2008 Vancouver to Ottawa ~ June 21-September15 2008

Good day friends and allies,

We are preparing for a very powerful journey across the country called the Walk4Justice in honour of the missing and murdered women of the Highway of Tears, beginning June 21, 2008 to September 15, 2008. We will end this great walk with full day session at Parliament Hill and presentation of our petition.

We need:
 to know who is joining us from town to town so we can accommodate and feed people adequately.
 contact information and support letters from everyone to ensure all arrangements are confirmed.
 to gather information about the missing and murdered women and their family’s so we can represent them accurately in Ottawa.
 input from organizations who can work on each of these concerns from all regions.
 to know who our spiritual leaders will be so we may respectfully follow traditional protocols across the nation.
 community involvement in putting banners and pictures of their loved ones together so we can honour them through prayer and let the family’s know that we will be their voices.

Communities could hold fundraising events to help pay for supplies such as food, gas, medical/first-aid, shoes, socks, sunscreen, weather gear, honorariums, and tobacco, sage, sweet-grass and traditional medicines and anything else needed to make this journey a success.
All cash donations and monies raised from events are to be sent to the Aboriginal Mother’s Center Society in Vancouver, British Columbia, #208-2019 Dundas Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1J5 or phone 604-253-6262. All cheques must be made out to Aboriginal Mother’s Center Society and include re: walk4justice, an account has been set up for this walk by Penny Irons, Executive Director of AMCS.
We must let our political leaders know these women and children will not be forgotten; that we intend to stop this violence against our women! We can do this in solidarity! Let’s build this bridge so our future generations will not suffer as we did from injustices. Let’s be positive and effective role models for them.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering all your support and for your invaluable aid. We hope to hear from you soon. Please, come join us if you can! If you can’t there is a lot that you can do, even from your home…and don’t forget to sign the petition. Visit http://www.petitiononline.com/glradek/petition.html to sign this very important petition and please pass it on to all your contacts!

Respect –

Gladys Radek, Bernie Williams, Nicole Tait, Vikki Peters, Telsa Pratt, Renee Pratt, Rose Shah’traa


Contact: walk4justice2008@yahoo.ca or ndnprincess_89@yahoo.ca or skundaal@yahoo.ca or rosevox@hotmail.com

Supported by Amnesty International, BCGEU, United Native Nations, Native Women’s Association of Canada , BC Federation of Employees and countless other organizations across Canada and America.


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